Uber and Lyft have each doubled their fundraising to amass a combined $3.1bn from investors, underscoring how the most prominent Silicon Valley start-ups still have access to capital even as some smaller companies struggle to access money.Uber和Lyft向投资者筹措的资金分别快速增长了一倍,总额超过31亿美元,突显出这些最著名的硅谷初创公司是如何在一些中小企业无法筹资之际仍能取得资本的。As part of its fundraising, Uber has landed a partnership with Guangzhou Automobile Group, as the ride-hailing company continues an aggressive push into China.作为其筹资的一部分,Uber与广汽集团(Guangzhou Automobile Group)创建了合作关系,这家叫车服务公司之后大力转入中国。

The US company has invested heavily in China, but its future is uncertain as a set of ride-hailing laws is due to come into force there next year. Moreover, Uber’s Chinese rival, Didi Kuaidi, has had investment from a range of Chinese heavyweights including Tencent and Alibaba.Uber已在中国乘机投资,但随着关于叫车服务的一系列法律明年生效,它的未来面对不确定性。此外,Uber的中国竞争对手滴滴慢的(Didi Kuaidi)早已取得了腾讯(Tencent)和阿里巴巴(Alibaba)等中国巨擘的投资。Under the deal, Uber will have a new and much needed partner in China. Guangzhou Auto will invest an undisclosed sum in Uber China, while Uber will promote Guangzhou Auto’s cars to its drivers and work with the company for car sales and financing.按照合作协议,广汽将沦为Uber在中国急需的新合作伙伴。广汽将投资于Uber中国(Uber China),但金额不可考,而Uber将向其司机点评广汽汽车,两家公司还将在汽车销售和信贷方面展开合作。

Uer China also has a partnership with Chinese search engine company Baidu, which led Uber China’s fundraising this year.Uber中国也与中国搜索引擎公司百度(Baidu)创建了合作关系,后者是Uber中国今年的主要投资方。



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